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Here is the direct link to the new blog with all of the past material I have posted on this site along with exciting new content as I move forward. Hope to see you there!

Ride It Wrench It

Street Glide
2013 Softail Deluxe


  1. Thanks for the great video on how to install an internal antenna. I have a street glide as well and was tired of the Buggywhip type antenna that I have in the back. Your video was very helpful along with all the other tips you have posted. Thanks for a great blog that I can refer to. Kevin Phoenix, AZ

  2. Enjoyed your maintenace videos. I´m living in Sweden and just traded my Harley Softtail -02 for a Streeet Glide -13. In Sweden we are preparing us for the Winter, but I looking forward to april/may to get it out on the roads.

    Wish you a merry X-mas and a new God Year

    Thanks again for your great blog.

    // Thomas

  3. I appreciate the support so many riders have given which has encouraged me to keep this blog going strong. It's awesome to see responses from riders from all around the world and know that through this blog I've been able to give something back to the riding community.

    2015 is already looking to be another good year of riding related material. Margaret and I have more maintenance videos planned along with the regular riding stories, bike events, videos, and photo albums of whatever it is we end up getting ourselves into.

    Again, Thank you for your support!
    Ride Strong, Ride Safe

  4. Great YouTube channel and site? What platform did you use to create the site?

  5. Its one of the templates that blogger provides

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  7. If you ever want to put a set of handle bar on a 2014 harley limited let me
    Thanks for your time on the video. .

  8. Hello I really enjoyed you video on the oil change for the 2012 Street Glide. Very informative, the spacifics are right on for the amounts of oil in each section. Engine, Transmission, and Primary. Thank you for your time

  9. Hi, Scott ... Altho I've had quite a few HDs, I've never done the oil change believing it was too complicated compared to my Goldwing. But, after watching your excellent video, I took it on today and changed all three areas. Took my time and I'm pleased with myself. I know it's just an oil change, but without your help, I'd have taken my SG to the Harley shop. Saved me some time, a ride and some $$. Thanx for the super blog.

  10. That's excellent to hear and the underlying reason for the videos and a good portion of this blog. I try very hard to help people with maintaining their bike and try to teach it in an uncomplicated manner. I appreciate you sharing how it went!

    I have made some large changes to my blog platform and Rumbling Rider will no longer be updated. The last post explains the reason and the newest post on the new site gets into the details of where I am going with the new blog. All of historical posts and videos have been transferred to the new blog so that all of the material is still available as I move forward. I hope to see you posting about your success at future maintenance on the new blog!

  11. Love the videos. Do know if you use the Scavenger Total Oil Change System....I got one and it actually works. I highly recommend one. Check the out at and tell me what you think.