Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting the New Bike Setup

It didn't take long to know I was going to need new handlebars on the bike. We took a couple rides and the stock bars were so low that I had to reach downwards to get a grip on them. Soon after my shoulders and back began to hurt from the awkward reach. Something had to be done.
I went with the Paul Yaffe monkeybars again because the pullback and width fit me well when they were on my 2012 Street Glide. This time I put the 10" bars on instead of the 12" though. Doing this kept the hand grips behind the fairing which keeps my hands from being exposed to rocks and wind. This will help in winter riding for the cold too. They are still high enough to allow enough pull back to keep from having to reach downwards like the stock bars. And they still look nice too.

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  1. Awesome job. Where can I buy those polyurethane bushings? Thanks.

  2. I purchased them at our local HD dealership for $50.

  3. Nice video! However, the part when you were supposed to thread the Twist Grip Sensor wiring through the new bars was omitted. Was that fairly easy to do? Or was it more of struggle than the other side?

    1. On the 2015's the right side is just about as easy as the left side. you have to glob some all purpose grease when you start working the TGS in, then when the TGS quick disconnects hit that upturn at the top of the handlebar just work it back and forth a bit and it will slurp right through after a couple easy tugs.