Sunday, April 5, 2015

Paul Jaffe 12" Monkey Bars

Last weekend was quite intense and not without some issues which I will address in this post. Installing apes can have varying degrees of difficulty dependent upon the bike and which handlebars you choose. The Street Glide is one of the more difficult because of the fairing and electronics involved. The job was a success though and worthy of writing about.

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  1. Hi Scott, thanks for sharing this, it helped me a lot, other than I cant find the diagram for the color wires for the connectors. could you share those with me if you still have them. thanks, jose Madison, WI

  2. I don't have that hand written diagram anymore. However, I checked the service manual for my bike and it has an excellent diagram of the electrical pin out for both right and left and controls. Each wire is abbreviated by color and depicts the actual wire color in the manual starting from position 1 in the molex housing. If you don't have a service manual you need to get one for your particular bike if your going to work on it. It is the best guide for reference and answers outside of having a personal service technician.

  3. Also, when you purchase a service manual, go to a Harley Dealership and buy a genuine HD service manual. I know there are other 3rd party manuals out there but I have heard of misinformation being published in them.

  4. thanks for the fast reply and feedback, I ordered one yesterday and should have it by next Monday, dealer has none in stock.

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  6. Hi Scott
    Just a quick question, You show this as Paul Yaffe 14" bars but in your description on youtube it says installing 12" Paul Yaffe bars but at the end of the videro it does say 14".Just want to clarify as i like what you have as i have the same bike and i do like the height of the bars Thanks for your time

    1. Yea, I understand the confusion. I was confused for awhile as well. I need to change the title to 12" bars. When I first bought them and installed them they seemed kind of high. I measured them from bottom to top where the point was and it was 14". I went back to the dealership and they weren't sure after seeing them either. So we called Paul Yaffe and actually spoke to him personally. They measure their bars from center point of the bottom to center point of where the grip slides on. That point was 12". Every manufacturer has a different method of measuring unfortunately and I had already written and posted the write up and video before that measure point was resolved. So those are 12" bars. Sorry for the confusion, I need to change the references to 12".