Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Down Time

If you follow my blog it's clear we haven't been very active of late. Even in Texas we become victims at the mercy of the weather. For the past few weeks between some rain and cold temperatures we have been confined to driving instead of riding. There have been sporadic breaks where we have gone on a very short, and I do mean very short, 5-10 mile rides for a quick lunch. Last weekend was decent and we participated in our Chapter's Freeze Yer Bunz Ride. It wasn't freezing though which I am thankful for. A couple days throughout the week I was able to ride my 120 mile round trip commute to work and back. But for the most part, no riding. On top of the weather, the end of the year brought about funding at work that had to be spent by years end so we fired up more construction projects which inevitably causes me to have to put in some weekend work. The overtime is nice though and its at a good time of the year since it doesn't interfere with our riding plans too much.

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