Sunday, August 30, 2015

Upcoming Web Changes

When I first began this blog it was directed at archiving and sharing my riding experiences. Since that first post a lot of changes, direction, and evolution of this blog has taken place. I never expected it to become what it is right now. For a very long time the blog just didn't really go anywhere. It had some riding videos with landscapes and a bit of video at each stop. Those videos in my opinion became boring to watch and didn't hold any real context. It wasn't until I began making maintenance videos that the blog began to grow.

I didn't know what to expect when I started uploading those maintenance videos. I was skeptical and assumed that there would be no place for that information that anyone would utilize. I was wrong. It turned out to be quite helpful to a lot of people. I didn't set out to do tutorials on major engine work and I still have no interest in doing so. My direction was to provide riders with good tutorials to maintain their own bikes instead of paying a shop or someone else to do the work. This would give them a hands on experience that would help them better know their bike. It would also allow them to take pride in telling others they maintain their own bike. I still encourage readers and viewers to take the bike to the shop for major repairs though. By doing your own maintenance and getting more personal with your bike you'll begin to know when something is not right that needs attention from a certified technician. Many riders that never do any work on their bikes never know when something is going wrong because they don't have that familiarity with their bike to know any different.

Because of the change in direction I decided to change the name of the blog and You Tube channel to better reflect the information I provide. I will still be writing, posting pictures, and making videos about rides and maintenance but under a different name. As riders we maintain our bikes to ride. That's the underlying purpose for having a bike. Riding however will require the bike to be maintained. The enjoyment of riding comes from continual and thorough maintenance. Maintenance is what keeps the bike on the road instead of in the back of the garage broken down.

The new name will be Ride It Wrench It. This will better reflect what the media I began has come to be. I have some concepts that I will be adding to the site and will point those out as they become reality in the future. The depth of wrenching will be about the same. I am not going to lead people too deep into repairs. I will still be focusing on making it feasible for riders who are not mechanics by trade to maintain their bikes. I am personally very proud to have ridden my previous Street Glide 63K miles and never had to take it to the shop for any maintenance. I was even more proud when the technicians went over the bike to get it ready to be put on the floor for sale said "This bike is in great condition and nothing needed to be done to it".  It sold within 2 weeks and I am proud to know that the maintenance I was so diligent with provided another rider with a solid bike. I feel quite sure others have developed that same sense of pride as they began maintaining their bikes as well. It's also a great feeling to be able to hop on your bike and know you can take it on a trip whether short or long and on short notice to know your not going to have any concerns since you know and understand whats been done to keep it running. After all, you did it and can take pride in that.

The new name will reflect that maintaining your bike properly and thoroughly will lead to many miles of enjoyable riding in the future. You ride it, wrench on it to maintain it, and keep riding. Better maintenance also means its not sitting in the shop broken down waiting for high cost repairs. It also means more money available to keep riding since the cost of maintenance at most shops is about double if not more than you will spend doing it yourself.

Rumbling Rider will remain up for quite some time due to links that have been shared with others to give them time to re-link to Ride It Wrench It. Rumbling Rider however will no longer be updated with new content after this post. Because RR has a deep history on many of the topics that led to the upcoming change, I copied the entire RR blog history to Ride It Wrench It and will grow on that from this point on. All RR maintenance videos will also remain on You Tube and will still have the RR intro. The RR You Tube channel will be migrated over to Ride It Wrench It and eventually a new intro will be introduced to lead into future videos.

My hopes are that the transition will move forward smoothly and that Ride It Wrench It will grow.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fill Your Tank at Red Hot & Blue

Margaret from This Lady Rides and I have teamed up to begin a new series called Fill Your Tank of our favorite eateries that we like to take rides to. We will be writing independently on our blogs about the experience and making videos to accompany the posts. For some of the day long or over night stays we will begin offering ride maps to get you off the interstates and onto scenic back roads for an exciting ride along the way. Some of these are going to include places of interest that will make for some great stops not only to rest for a bit but to spend some time seeing local sights of interest along the ride.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Mexico, Utah, Colorado: Part II

Moab, Utah was a great experience on this trip.There are many roads around the area that make for a great ride and the scenery is phenomenal. We stayed here for 2 full days after arriving so we could visit Arches National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park which is known to have some of the most stunning sunset vistas  in America.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Mexico, Utah, & Colorado: Part I

For the past 8 months we prepared for a 2 week ride to New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado. We booked and paid for rooms in advance as we prepared our route. Any extra income was saved and taken in cash that we used for meals. By the time we left the entire trip was paid for with the exception of fuel. That makes for a worry free get a way to not have to worry about paying off credit cards or being in dept after the vacation is over with.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Getting the New Bike Setup

It didn't take long to know I was going to need new handlebars on the bike. We took a couple rides and the stock bars were so low that I had to reach downwards to get a grip on them. Soon after my shoulders and back began to hurt from the awkward reach. Something had to be done.
I went with the Paul Yaffe monkeybars again because the pullback and width fit me well when they were on my 2012 Street Glide. This time I put the 10" bars on instead of the 12" though. Doing this kept the hand grips behind the fairing which keeps my hands from being exposed to rocks and wind. This will help in winter riding for the cold too. They are still high enough to allow enough pull back to keep from having to reach downwards like the stock bars. And they still look nice too.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Time to Move Along

Since beginning this blog I have written articles from a wide variety of subjects always trying to keep each write up riding related in some manner. Margaret even became part of the posts upon learning to ride and now is well part of this blog. From the beginning I started the blog to share in riding activities experienced on my Street Glide. During the blogs lifetime I went from 25 miles on the odometer to 62,908 on my bike. It has been the iron horse that carried me through every post. The same bike is what encouraged the maintenance page and was the star that began and played in my UTube channel on How to Maintain a 2012 Harley Street Glide.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Install a Front Fender on a 2012 Harley Street Glide

This post finalizes the procedure of removing and installing a front fender on a 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide. As mentioned in the post on how to remove the fender, mine suffered damage at an event from somebody that didn't have the decency to even leave a note apologizing for their carelessness. As in all aspects of life there are people who simply look out for themselves even if they are the cause of problems for others. Those people don't have the honesty or integrity to admit to those they affect as being the cause of the swath of destruction they leave in their wake. Oblivious to the world and people around them, they take for themselves, look out for themselves, and will not take responsibility if the outcome will affect them in a negative manner. This was the type of person that caused damage to my bike.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life is Everchanging

Life is so unpredictable and seems to take extreme turns without notice. I am often in awe of how life seems to move you into different directions even without self input. Recently, one of those changes occurred to me that I am very excited about.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

How to Remove the Front Fender on a 2012 Harley Street Glide

Sometime during the previous 2 weeks my fender was damaged on the Street Glide. We have gone to Granbury to eat dinner once and to a bike event which was very busy. I don't know when it occurred but I noticed the damage when I was putting new polyurethane handlebar riser bushings on Margaret's bike when a socket rolled against my front tire.

It's frustrating but bound to happen, especially when you ride a lot. The problem with the damage on my front fender is that a new fender is about $500 painted and depending on your insurance deductible it might not even make sense to file a claim on it.

We decided to make a video of how to remove the fender. This could be useful down the road for someone who needs to remove theirs due to damage or if your doing a fork removal and rebuilt you will have to remove the fender for that as well.

How to Remove the Front Fender on a 2012 Harley Street Glide

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Paul Jaffe 12" Monkey Bars

Last weekend was quite intense and not without some issues which I will address in this post. Installing apes can have varying degrees of difficulty dependent upon the bike and which handlebars you choose. The Street Glide is one of the more difficult because of the fairing and electronics involved. The job was a success though and worthy of writing about.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Whats Happening This Coming Weekend?

Very good question! For over a month I have been collecting all of the parts necessary to install new 12" handlebars on my Street Glide. As you can imagine I'm pretty excited about that. Handle bars are one of those high expense items that is sometimes difficult to follow through with purchasing. Between the cost of the bars themselves and all of the necessary extensions, most riders will not even attempt self installation. Paying to have it done will greatly increase your cost on this project.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

How to Install Slip-Ons on a 2013 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe

This is another one of those easy to do upgrades but sometimes getting a visual before you begin can be of help.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Tools for the Road!

Tools for the road! To carry or not to carry? I usually only carry them if were going to be out for the day or longer. When I ride to work though I don't carry tools due to the fact that I'm not going to be anywhere remote where I can't get help. Everyone has an opinion of whether or not they should bother carrying tools. They will add a bit of weight and take up some space. With careful purchasing and planning of your tools you can minimize both of these impacts so that its nearly unnoticeable.

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Homestead Heritage Farms 2015

A couple weeks ago the weather became favorable for a decent afternoon ride. We decided to take advantage of that bit of warmth and make it count in two ways. Riding and seeds! Seeds? Exactly that!

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Down Time

If you follow my blog it's clear we haven't been very active of late. Even in Texas we become victims at the mercy of the weather. For the past few weeks between some rain and cold temperatures we have been confined to driving instead of riding. There have been sporadic breaks where we have gone on a very short, and I do mean very short, 5-10 mile rides for a quick lunch. Last weekend was decent and we participated in our Chapter's Freeze Yer Bunz Ride. It wasn't freezing though which I am thankful for. A couple days throughout the week I was able to ride my 120 mile round trip commute to work and back. But for the most part, no riding. On top of the weather, the end of the year brought about funding at work that had to be spent by years end so we fired up more construction projects which inevitably causes me to have to put in some weekend work. The overtime is nice though and its at a good time of the year since it doesn't interfere with our riding plans too much.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Install a Shift Lever on a 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide

A shift lever is an easy item to install but sometimes it helps to see one done before you do it yourself. There are a couple of considerations to take into account and that's why I decided to make this post and video.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Malorie's Law is Law

I've been reading about the new motorcycle passenger safety law that has passed Texas State Legislature. The law was passed after the last legislative session in 2013. It came into being after an accident from which Malorie Bullock, a college student who was a passenger on a motorcycle was killed in a crash. There are multiple articles about the accident if you do some Google searches on the topic but you can read one of the articles about it here. Student killed in motorcycle accident. As of January 1, 2015 the law applies to Texas motorcyclists.

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