Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fort Worth Harley Water 4 Life Ride 2014

This weekend was Fort Worth Harley's annual Water 4 Life Ride. This is the 5th year running for this charity event and my 3rd year participating. Water 4 Life is a program through World Vision that drills clean water wells for villages that have none in Africa. For every person on a bike Fort Worth Harley donated $50.00 to the charity. All you had to do was show up, sign in, and they would donate.

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  1. Hi Scott, I have been enjoying your maintenance videos, I am mechanically inclined but never really work on Harleys so your videos are great help. I have a question for you and I would appreciate any input or suggestion you may have, but first let me give you some background:
    Just recently I did a service on my Ultra Limited FLHTK 2012 I changed engine oil (synthetic) and filter, Transmission (Red Line) and Harley oil for primary chain case, I replaced spark plugs, put a new air filter, and that's about it. Went on a 600 mile trip without any problems whatsoever. A couple days later I took the bike out for a short ride and I notice the "check the engine" light on. It came on and off intermittently every few minutes never stays on for long. Thinking that it might have something to do with the work I did, I went back and retraced my steps and realized that I had put too much oil in the crank case, I went ahead and pumped some out to put it at the correct level. Afterwards I took the bike out and the light still come on at exactly the same manner.
    Do you have any suggestions? any thing that I can do short of taking it to the dealer$$? Do you think that I caused this?
    Thank you so much for taking the time, I appreciated.
    Al Olmo (California)

  2. The check engine light could be coming on for virtually anything. That bike is loaded with electronics and sensors. You'll have to take it to the shop and have them pull the codes to find out why its on. Sorry I couldn't have been more help on this issue.