Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well crap! We have spent the last 3 weekends working on the house, replacing trim, painting, etc. and haven't done much riding outside of my work commute. We took a very short ride one morning to The Porch restaurant in Burleson, TX to get breakfast before we started working but that's been all. I had planned a decent ride for last Sunday but when we got up neither of us had the energy to go. Between our regular work and the added work on weekends on the house in the heat our bodies simply said "Your not going anywhere buddy". So we did absolutely nothing to give our bodies a break. I spent most of the day playing Eve Online, yes, I am a MMORPG gamer and have been for over a decade. It kind of goes along with my IT background.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bike. I just bought a street glide, and I'm loving it so far.

  2. Very nice, Congrats! The Street Glide has been a good bike. Other than a few minor part failures that I've mentioned in previous posts its been reliable. As with most things, keep up with the maintenance. No one wants to have a breakdown due to neglect of maintenance. Your Street Glide should run for many miles virtually trouble free (as shown in the odometer pic above) if your aggressive with maintenance. My Rumbling Rider YouTube channel has more maintenance videos than the blog if your interested in that sort of thing. If your not wanting to perform your own maintenance the videos will at least give you some idea of what needs to be done so you can hold the service department accountable to perform all of the work they should be doing.

    Ride Strong Ride Safe

  3. I totally agree about maintenance. I'm lucky my husband can do most of my maintenance and he's a stickler about taking care of our bikes. It's a small price to pay for a fine running machine. And your you tube videos are how I found your blog. Thanks for sharing your info.