Monday, May 26, 2014

Behind the Post

As I was organizing blog categories recently I began thinking "Crap this is a lot of work and time spent." When I first started the blog I didn't even know what direction to take with it. I had never done a blog and just sat there with my fingers on the keyboard wondering what the hell should I type? It wasn't easy. For a week I would start something, erase it, start over, erase it, completely confused about what to write about. Then one day Margaret is watching me sit there staring at the blank blog canvas and says, "You know you can add pictures too." GREAT, I wasn't even writing anything let alone considering sticking pictures up. More confusion, thanks. I was lost. Then Margaret mentioned the FWHOG Chapter was having a ride on the weekend and I should take pictures and write about that. Great idea! And that was the first post and how it all got started.

This content has been moved to Ride it Wrench it.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all the time you put into every post. I've barely scratched the surface of your blog. I will dig deeper.
    I stumbled across your blog looking for a video reference on an oil change on a Harley touring bike. A few hours later I had to stop reading posts and watching videos. Like I said, I'll dig deeper.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  2. I too want to thank you for taking the time to put this all together. I love to ride as well, and enjoy seeing the pictures of other riders and their trips. I stumbled upon this blog from a video on youtube about changing oil, and I appreciate those as well. I'll be checking this often!

  3. Good to have you both enjoying the blog...and the ride!

  4. Thank you for all the time you put into the site.