Sunday, May 18, 2014

Before It's Gone

One of the things I like most about riding is the time to think. I like to see the scenery and let my mind wander away from the hectic week of work. For some reason on this ride I began thinking how fortunate we are to have the desire to experience life. I know a lot of people whose extent of living begins and ends on the couch and the discovery channel. An adventure to them is going to the grocery store and finding a new flavor of snack chip. It's not my personality to spend weekends confined to the house only to go back to the weekly work grind just to look forward to spending the next weekend boxed in my house again. Other people I know even refuse to sight-see locally believing the only type of travel that holds any value is an expensive international destination that they finance with their credit cards and spend the next few years trying to pay off at a high interest rate. I would end up talking more about how much I still owed than about the trip itself.

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