Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cager Danger During Motorcycle Awareness Month

This post may come across a bit brash, being the harshest post I have ever written. I try to keep what I write somewhat "user friendly" with clean reading, information, tips, and stories. This is the first time I've stepped out of that box to focus on some strong feelings I have about something. I have lightly expressed myself on this subject in a portion of a post last year called "The Other Side of the Ride", but not nearly as hard as I am about to do. The following post will more than likely anger someone, probably a few someones, but drivers need to change.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Behind the Post

As I was organizing blog categories recently I began thinking "Crap this is a lot of work and time spent." When I first started the blog I didn't even know what direction to take with it. I had never done a blog and just sat there with my fingers on the keyboard wondering what the hell should I type? It wasn't easy. For a week I would start something, erase it, start over, erase it, completely confused about what to write about. Then one day Margaret is watching me sit there staring at the blank blog canvas and says, "You know you can add pictures too." GREAT, I wasn't even writing anything let alone considering sticking pictures up. More confusion, thanks. I was lost. Then Margaret mentioned the FWHOG Chapter was having a ride on the weekend and I should take pictures and write about that. Great idea! And that was the first post and how it all got started.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Before It's Gone

One of the things I like most about riding is the time to think. I like to see the scenery and let my mind wander away from the hectic week of work. For some reason on this ride I began thinking how fortunate we are to have the desire to experience life. I know a lot of people whose extent of living begins and ends on the couch and the discovery channel. An adventure to them is going to the grocery store and finding a new flavor of snack chip. It's not my personality to spend weekends confined to the house only to go back to the weekly work grind just to look forward to spending the next weekend boxed in my house again. Other people I know even refuse to sight-see locally believing the only type of travel that holds any value is an expensive international destination that they finance with their credit cards and spend the next few years trying to pay off at a high interest rate. I would end up talking more about how much I still owed than about the trip itself.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Loco Coyote- Glen Rose, TX, April 2014

This post contains the first riding video for quite some time. I upgraded my PC OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 and found my video editing and compilation software was incompatible with the new OS. We decided to just do photos for awhile until we purchased new video software. So the GoPro just sat there unused wasting away. I had to get familiar with the new video software as well since Sony made some changes to the interface and it's capabilities.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Button Removal and Replacement on Leather

This post is way out of the ordinary from the topics I usually write about but it is riding related. As we were performing the repairs I thought, huh, I wonder if any other riders out there do this or would like to know how if they've not done it before. You might even want to change your buttons to a different style. So, we made a short video of how to remove and replace the button snaps on a leather vest.

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