Sunday, April 20, 2014

Healthy Living for Healthy Riding

Healthy living for healthy riding can be the most important aspect to enjoying the ride over everything else you do to make riding enjoyable. Many riders, including myself, modify our bikes with items like grips, seats, foot pegs, suspension, and the list goes on. We do this to attain a comfort level that makes our ride more enjoyable. Gear can be another item we can spend a lot of money on to further attain a comfort level that's suitable.

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  1. Best post I have read in a long time on a biker page. You are right about it all. I began working out 5 years ago and cut dairy and wheat out of my diet. I dropped the weight quickly and once I implemented a regular weight and workout plan my energy level increased by 100%. I haven't ditched meat completely but I stick to having it once a week and refuse to compromise. Giving up dairy can be tough but it is a huge part of what zaps the energy in men in particular.

    Keep up the good work, Margaret and you look great.