Thursday, January 23, 2014

3 Sisters or Twisted Sisters Leakey, TX 2014

January 18 thru 21 was a three day weekend for some people depending on their companies outlook on national holidays. Fortunately I was off with pay to take advantage of it. As I was closing out my day on Friday I began to consider options for possible rides. Invites were going out from friends and riding groups but I just couldn't decide which one to go with. All of them were taking day trips but none of them were going anywhere new. I pulled up the National Weather Service and stuck our zip code in the box. The results that came back were baffling. For all three days the temperatures were going to be in the high 60's or higher? That seemed kind of weird to me considering all of the cold we have been having. Now back to the task of figuring out if we were going to take a day trip or just stay home and flop around all day doing nothing productive. As my pondering continued a crazed spark of suggestion hit me in the head. "Ride the 3 Sisters in Leakey, TX it said". Huh.....realistically why not? I quickly pulled up a google map and put together a sketchy route to find it was very doable. I sent an email to Margaret about it and she hesitantly responded we could consider it. WHAT?! Consider it?! And I thought she was unstoppable on a bike!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hard Lowers

For a long time, dunno how long, I just know its been a long time, I've wanted to get hard lowers for my Street Glide. I looked at leather lowers but just couldn't get in to them. They just didn't give a look I would be happy with. I have seen a few Street Glides with hard lowers and thought it looked awesome. Not only that but with my work commute I thought they might help with the cold on my legs. So many times after riding in 45 degree temperatures for over an hour I would arrive at work in misery with chilled legs.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Day Ride Stephenville, TX 2014

Remarkably beautiful weather rolled in on New Years Day 2014. We had been in the lower 40's and below for every day for over a week and suddenly on January 1, 2014 the temp rose to 65 degrees. The obvious thing to do when something like that happens and opens a window of opportunity is to RIDE! Which we did!

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