Friday, December 26, 2014

Texas Christkindl Market

A couple weeks ago on a Saturday night the weather was cool and clear so we took a short ride to Arlington, TX to visit the Texas Christkindl Market. This was the fourth year the market has been set up and we went with high expectations from the write-ups we found online about it. However, and I really don't like going down this road, it was a complete disappointment and nothing short of overblown hype.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wise County Toy Run 2014

Yup! It was that time again for the Wise County Toy Run! What a great event to attend for the year and for a wonderful cause. Riders from all over showed up to give toys for children. It's exciting to see so many riders come together to support a great cause.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How Far will it Go

So I'm about to roll 60k miles on my 2012 Street Glide. I have had it for 2.5 years. As I mentioned before, this is my first Harley and I am the first in my family history to ride a Harley and I am still curious as to how far will it go?

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

How to Change the Rear Brake Pads on a 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide

As stated in the title this post is about another maintenance necessity. We were working in the garage last weekend cleaning out stuff we had stored for years and never used. I had to move my bike out of the way and instead of starting it, I just put it in neutral and rolled it around. That's when I noticed a soft grinding sound coming from the brake area at the rear tire. I never would have heard it if I had started the bike over the sound of the exhaust. Oh my! It was kind of embarrassing because of all the maintenance videos and posts I have done. But truth be told, I simply didn't pay attention to the rear brakes lately.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

How to Bleed the Brakes on a 2012 Street Glide

I thought it might be a good post to talk a bit about brake fluid and show the process of flushing your brake lines. Obviously brakes are a critical system to your bike and some care needs to be taken on them at regular intervals.Something I have discovered in the Official Harley Davidson Service Manual for my 2012 Street Glide is that every maintenance point is not listed on the maintenance interval chart. What? You would think it would be but it's not. Brake fluid is one of those maintenance points they do not list. I can only speculate as to why they would leave this critical point off.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Waxahachie TX- Texas Hill Country Reporter Festival 2014

The weekend looked good for riding all week. I kept a close eye on the weather hoping it wouldn't change so we could take a trip somewhere. At first the plans were to go with a group to Cranfills Gap, TX. It just didn't play out though. It was short notice and most of the group couldn't make it. I had a backup plan though! And for Margaret, it was one of those secret destinations that I keep her in the dark with.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fort Worth HOG Chapter Picnic 2014

This years Chapter Picnic was once again as fun and exciting as the previous years that I have attended and it is one of my personal favorite events. The Road Captains and Officers again worked very hard so the members could have a wonderful time and I want to thank them for their commitment.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fort Worth HOG Skills Day September 2014

I was a little late posting this one! Sorry about that. Got behind on posts for a couple weeks. Life can get busy and set other things back sometimes.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Lewisville Western Days Festival 2014

Can we say Hell of a Weekend?!?!YES we can! This weekend was a very active, exciting, and fun. We did so much that I'll be breaking it into two posts so be sure to come back next weekend for the finale of this weekends post!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mary's- Strawn, TX

Saturday again consisted of working on the house. Were trying to get a lot of exterior work done over the summer so we can focus on interior stuff this winter. Margaret had to work all day Sunday so we weren't able to do anything together the entire day.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fort Worth Harley Water 4 Life Ride 2014

This weekend was Fort Worth Harley's annual Water 4 Life Ride. This is the 5th year running for this charity event and my 3rd year participating. Water 4 Life is a program through World Vision that drills clean water wells for villages that have none in Africa. For every person on a bike Fort Worth Harley donated $50.00 to the charity. All you had to do was show up, sign in, and they would donate.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back on the Road for Labor Day 2014

3 weeks to the day I got my bike back from the shop. Harley had quite a time with this problem. They found that a power supply wire coming out of the power relay box had stopped conducting current and had to replace it. Faulty copper was the cause. It's interesting because that same problem occurred years ago on my Ford Explorer with a wire that supplied current to the ignition switch. Anyways, I'm happy with the work and Fort Worth Harley for taking care of the problem for me. As always, they have been wonderful to work with and have always taken care of our bikes when we've had any problems.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Broke Down Blues

As you probably guessed, the bike is still in the shop. They received the new speedometer, stuck it in, took the bike on the road for testing and it stopped working too. Now they are stuck. Our service rep called us and said at this point they had no idea what the problem could be. After calling some other service centers for help and still receiving no solution they put their master tech on the case who is now working with a Harley corporate electrical engineer to troubleshoot the problem.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Still Broke Down

Yup, as the title states, still no bike. After waiting all of last week and hearing nothing but silence on the status of the repair, Margaret got frustrated and called late Friday afternoon. At first there was some confusion to the status of the repair. The service department didn't know why the speedometer hadn't been replaced yet. Our service rep quickly found out why and informed her that the part had still not arrived. The new speedometer is supposed to come in today which is Monday 8/18/2014. The service department also said if it arrived today they would try to get the bike in the shop and get it installed. We shall see.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well crap! We have spent the last 3 weekends working on the house, replacing trim, painting, etc. and haven't done much riding outside of my work commute. We took a very short ride one morning to The Porch restaurant in Burleson, TX to get breakfast before we started working but that's been all. I had planned a decent ride for last Sunday but when we got up neither of us had the energy to go. Between our regular work and the added work on weekends on the house in the heat our bodies simply said "Your not going anywhere buddy". So we did absolutely nothing to give our bodies a break. I spent most of the day playing Eve Online, yes, I am a MMORPG gamer and have been for over a decade. It kind of goes along with my IT background.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Distracted Riding

In past posts I have written about or mentioned issues on the road caused by drivers. Texting, eating, putting on makeup, etc. while driving have led to thousands of accidents on the road. Some of them with other cars, and unfortunately accidents with bikes. We all know the risks of riding, accept them, and continue to ride despite the idiots behind the wheel. But, are close encounters and accidents always the fault of a cager?

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Who We Are

After 2 years of write ups I thought it might be interesting to introduce who we are. After a particularly negative comment about Margaret on the Blue Ridge Parkway post it really hit me that people are forming opinions of us that could be incorrect.  The blog focuses on our riding activities but still leaves a blank when it comes to figuring out what kind of lifestyle we live outside of riding. When I was buying parts for my bike at our local dealership one of the parts counter guys said, "you're always in here buying stuff, what do you do for a living?" That question came from someone we know in person that we see at least weekly, so I figured anyone reading this blog might be wondering about us outside of the ride. So, here we are.....

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway

We began planning this ride over 6 months ago with the purpose of riding the entire 469 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway from end to end. During that 6 months we slowly booked B&B's to stay at and payed for them in full. We also stopped eating out once a week and took what we would have spent and put it aside for the trip. We purchased touring packs for both bikes and smaller necessities for a long trip. This ride took us 3149.5 miles in 11 days through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, and Oklahoma before returning home to Fort Worth, TX. We managed to ride 3 scenic parkways during this trip which included the Cherohala Skyway that spans across both Tennessee and North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway that runs across North Carolina and Virginia, and the Talimena Scenic Byway that runs between Arkansas and Oklahoma. We also rode the Diamondback Motorcycle Route (226A) at BRP mile post 334  in the Little Switzerland area. We rode the entire trip and had a lot of memorable experiences along the way which I will try to express in this post with write-ups, slide show, and video. One of the days during this ride marked our 20 year anniversary for which I am grateful to have spent with Margaret. I made accommodations at Bed & Breakfasts for most of the trip as a nice touch of appreciation and celebration for our marriage.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

This Lady Rides- A Lady Riders Perspective

Margaret has been riding for a little over a year now. She has done quite well on picking up on riding but often she makes comments about things she would like to get better at or apprehensions or concerns she has about being on the road. I take some of the fears she has for granted because I have ridden so long and it can be difficult to relate to her concerns for that reason.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fort Worth HOG- Cranfills Gap, June 2014

A few weeks back we took a group ride with our HOG Chapter. We were sitting at home bored, I didn't have a ride planned, and Margaret wanted to ride. She was pushing me to come up with a destination but I didn't want to have to think, lead, make decisions on turns or food. Sometimes you just want to ride without taking responsibility for other riders.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dehydration While Riding

Being well into June 2014 I thought it might be a good idea to address dehydration while riding. Temperatures are already hitting the high 90's and the heat is quite noticeable while riding. The sun is beating down on your body from above, the engine heat is baking you from below, and during all of this your body is sweating to stay cool by releasing water. As the body uses that water it needs fluid replenishment. I have personally witnessed people in the horrible condition of dehydration while riding. It's not a pretty sight and can be dangerous to the point of hospitalization or even death if a rider doesn't address the possibility with preventative measures.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Talimena Scenic Byway May 2014

We had been planning to ride the Talimena Scenic Byway for months and finally found a good time to do it. Memorial Day weekend provided us with a three day weekend that was perfect for the ride. Margaret reserved a room for us a couple weeks in advance so we wouldn't have any issues trying to find a place for the night. As Saturday approached though we began seeing an increase for the chance of rain. We became disheartened late Friday evening when the chance for rain in Mena, AR was showing 50%. Since the reservation was already paid for we reluctantly made the decision that we would just drive instead. We stopped packing our bikes and bags and went to bed. Were early risers because of my long work commute everyday so at about 5:30 am I pulled up the weather report and now it was only showing a 30% chance of rain for the day and only for a short time in the afternoon. It took some persuasion but Margaret finally agreed to make the ride instead of driving under threat that I would be in serious trouble if we got caught in a thunderstorm.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cager Danger During Motorcycle Awareness Month

This post may come across a bit brash, being the harshest post I have ever written. I try to keep what I write somewhat "user friendly" with clean reading, information, tips, and stories. This is the first time I've stepped out of that box to focus on some strong feelings I have about something. I have lightly expressed myself on this subject in a portion of a post last year called "The Other Side of the Ride", but not nearly as hard as I am about to do. The following post will more than likely anger someone, probably a few someones, but drivers need to change.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Behind the Post

As I was organizing blog categories recently I began thinking "Crap this is a lot of work and time spent." When I first started the blog I didn't even know what direction to take with it. I had never done a blog and just sat there with my fingers on the keyboard wondering what the hell should I type? It wasn't easy. For a week I would start something, erase it, start over, erase it, completely confused about what to write about. Then one day Margaret is watching me sit there staring at the blank blog canvas and says, "You know you can add pictures too." GREAT, I wasn't even writing anything let alone considering sticking pictures up. More confusion, thanks. I was lost. Then Margaret mentioned the FWHOG Chapter was having a ride on the weekend and I should take pictures and write about that. Great idea! And that was the first post and how it all got started.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Before It's Gone

One of the things I like most about riding is the time to think. I like to see the scenery and let my mind wander away from the hectic week of work. For some reason on this ride I began thinking how fortunate we are to have the desire to experience life. I know a lot of people whose extent of living begins and ends on the couch and the discovery channel. An adventure to them is going to the grocery store and finding a new flavor of snack chip. It's not my personality to spend weekends confined to the house only to go back to the weekly work grind just to look forward to spending the next weekend boxed in my house again. Other people I know even refuse to sight-see locally believing the only type of travel that holds any value is an expensive international destination that they finance with their credit cards and spend the next few years trying to pay off at a high interest rate. I would end up talking more about how much I still owed than about the trip itself.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Loco Coyote- Glen Rose, TX, April 2014

This post contains the first riding video for quite some time. I upgraded my PC OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 and found my video editing and compilation software was incompatible with the new OS. We decided to just do photos for awhile until we purchased new video software. So the GoPro just sat there unused wasting away. I had to get familiar with the new video software as well since Sony made some changes to the interface and it's capabilities.

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Button Removal and Replacement on Leather

This post is way out of the ordinary from the topics I usually write about but it is riding related. As we were performing the repairs I thought, huh, I wonder if any other riders out there do this or would like to know how if they've not done it before. You might even want to change your buttons to a different style. So, we made a short video of how to remove and replace the button snaps on a leather vest.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oklahoma- WinStar Casino & Long Straight Roads

After working around the house for a couple days trying to catch up with necessary repairs and maintenance it seemed a good time for a relaxing ride. Margaret had been bugging me to go somewhere but I resisted so I could get work done. Finally through sever perseverance on her part I gave in and planned a short ride. It was a surprise for her and until we arrived at WinStar Casino she had no idea where we were going.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Healthy Living for Healthy Riding

Healthy living for healthy riding can be the most important aspect to enjoying the ride over everything else you do to make riding enjoyable. Many riders, including myself, modify our bikes with items like grips, seats, foot pegs, suspension, and the list goes on. We do this to attain a comfort level that makes our ride more enjoyable. Gear can be another item we can spend a lot of money on to further attain a comfort level that's suitable.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Paluxy River Ride Glen Rose, TX

Our Saturday began by installing a new garage door opener. The old one died so we needed to replace it. It took us all morning to install that opener and by then we were hungry so we ate at home. With rain moving in over the night leading into Sunday we still wanted to get a bit of riding in. It was around 2pm by the time we were able to get going. I had a new route planned that I wanted to try which wasn't long so this seemed a good time to try it since it was already well into the afternoon. We headed out towards Granbury, TX then on to Bluff Dale, TX which is the beginning of the route.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

National WASP WWII Museum- Sweetwater, TX

Beautiful weather and the need for Interstate riding practice prompted this ride. Since June of 2013 Margaret has quickly excelled in her riding abilities. 5K miles in 9 months through many types of road conditions, riding through streams, dirt roads, gravel roads, rain, heat, and cold has been good for her. The one type of road she has not put many miles or hours on though is Interstate freeways. Interstate freeways are quite different than State and County roads. You ride at high speed continuously for hours and they have more vehicles and big rigs. They are usually not as scenic and enjoyable to ride either but for obvious reasons provide a faster route to get to your destination in a shorter amount of time.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fort Worth Art Dealers Association Spring Gallery Night

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day to get the bikes rolling somewhere. Margaret has a friend named Jessica who is an artist and had invited us to an art exhibition where she had been invited to show her work. This is an event sponsored by the Fort Worth Art Dealers Association and provides an opportunity for local artists to get their work noticed. The art event called Spring Gallery Night had over 30 locations around Fort Worth and into Arlington that you can tour between and see or buy different styles and types of local art.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Change the Fork Oil on a 2012 Harley Davidson Street Glide

Yea I know, another maintenance post. Sorry. It's another rainy weekend keeping us garaged again. I figured this would provide a chance to do a video on changing the fork oil on a Street Glide. I kinda browsed around the net looking for a video on this subject and never found one on performing this process on a Street Glide. Well, I did discover one video but they wanted you to pay for access which I am simply not going to do.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Grumps in Granbury

Tuesday turned out to be a beautiful day even though I worked all day. After my 120 mile round trip commute I rode into the garage to find Margaret standing there with her helmet on. I looked at her googly eyed and curious as to what she thought she (and I) were supposed to be doing. Her response was "Your taking me riding tonight!" Keep in mind here as you evaluate her request that I had been up since 5 am, rode 120 miles, part of that in rush hour traffic, worked all day, rolled back into the garage 12.5 hours since getting out of bed and now she wants to ride... Oh my! What to do? After being married to her for 20 years I have learned to choose my battles and this was not one of them.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to Lubricate the Clutch Cable on a Harley Davidson

The prospect of riding quickly faded Friday afternoon when the chance for thunderstorms on Saturday went to 90%. And as predicted the rain rolled in about noon leaving us to make plans to do something else. Rainy days do make for good maintenance though. It keeps you productive on a non riding day and yet still involved in bike related activities. With the knowledge that your not going to be riding for the weekend due to weather you will also find yourself slowing down and taking your time doing the maintenance. This will make for an enjoyable afternoon and you'll feel good about getting work done on your bike during the down time.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Change the Front Brakes on a Harley Davidson

I've been trying to break up the posts between riding related stuff and maintenance to keep a bit of a balance for those that don't perform maintenance. It will taper off as riding season comes more into play and we begin taking more trips and going to events. For now though, its maintenance time! This is the perfect time to get those bikes ready for some hard riding this spring, summer, and fall!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cranfills Gap & Horny Toad Bar & Grill 2014

Last weekend was looking good for a nice ride when the text came in from our friends George and Pat asking where we were going. At first I was going to wimp out and just take a shorty for lunch. Then I decided since the weather was supposed to be so nice and we had another couple to ride with that I would take a nice short ride to Cranfills Gap. It's been a long time since I had a good burger so the Horny Toad Bar & Grill seemed to be the obvious choice of destination.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Clean a K&N Air Filter

With spring approaching and bringing the possibility of increased riding its a good time to begin maintenance procedures on your bike. Hench the reason for all of the recent maintenance posts. We did do videos this time so some of them are repeats with a better source of media. If you haven't performed self maintenance in the past I would encourage you to try. You'll save a lot of money and learn more about your bike in the process.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Waco- Dr Pepper Museum & Lake Whitney Dam

A couple weeks ago we had a nice break again in the winter weather again so we took a day trip to Waco to see the Dr Pepper Museum. Last summer we went to Dublin, TX to see the original Doc's Dr Pepper museum and we thought it would be nice to see the other museum as well. There was only a small window of riding opportunity so the short ride to Waco seemed to make sense.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

How to Change The Oil on a Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe

As promised, the how to video on changing the oil on your Softail Deluxe! With the icy weather and frozen streets were dealing with again riding is pretty much out of the question. Although I did see a guy riding this past week on the freeway while it was snowing and ice patches on the road. That's hard core if hes riding for any length of time. Not my thing though. Wind chill temps can tear right through you and make for miserable riding. There was a short break in the weather this weekend but I contracted a bit of the Flu and spent the entire weekend drinking vegetable juice and soup to get better. Fortunately I had the video of changing the oil on Margaret's bike completed to be able to use for this weeks post.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Change The Oil On a Harley Davidson Street Glide

I've done this post in the past but it was done over the course of 2 weeks and it only had pictures. This time we made a video of the process which is much better and easier to follow. I had wanted to do something like this before but just never got around to it. We made 2 videos, one for my Street Glide and the other for Margaret's Softail Deluxe which I will post in a couple weeks. Since I broke down the savings involved in servicing your own bike in the last oil change post it wont be covered in this one. Here is the link if you want details into the savings by doing this yourself.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

3 Sisters or Twisted Sisters Leakey, TX 2014

January 18 thru 21 was a three day weekend for some people depending on their companies outlook on national holidays. Fortunately I was off with pay to take advantage of it. As I was closing out my day on Friday I began to consider options for possible rides. Invites were going out from friends and riding groups but I just couldn't decide which one to go with. All of them were taking day trips but none of them were going anywhere new. I pulled up the National Weather Service and stuck our zip code in the box. The results that came back were baffling. For all three days the temperatures were going to be in the high 60's or higher? That seemed kind of weird to me considering all of the cold we have been having. Now back to the task of figuring out if we were going to take a day trip or just stay home and flop around all day doing nothing productive. As my pondering continued a crazed spark of suggestion hit me in the head. "Ride the 3 Sisters in Leakey, TX it said". Huh.....realistically why not? I quickly pulled up a google map and put together a sketchy route to find it was very doable. I sent an email to Margaret about it and she hesitantly responded we could consider it. WHAT?! Consider it?! And I thought she was unstoppable on a bike!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hard Lowers

For a long time, dunno how long, I just know its been a long time, I've wanted to get hard lowers for my Street Glide. I looked at leather lowers but just couldn't get in to them. They just didn't give a look I would be happy with. I have seen a few Street Glides with hard lowers and thought it looked awesome. Not only that but with my work commute I thought they might help with the cold on my legs. So many times after riding in 45 degree temperatures for over an hour I would arrive at work in misery with chilled legs.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Day Ride Stephenville, TX 2014

Remarkably beautiful weather rolled in on New Years Day 2014. We had been in the lower 40's and below for every day for over a week and suddenly on January 1, 2014 the temp rose to 65 degrees. The obvious thing to do when something like that happens and opens a window of opportunity is to RIDE! Which we did!

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