Monday, October 7, 2013

Fort Worth HOG 2013 Chapter Picnic & Parts Installation

This weekend was super busy for both of us. Again, we had plans to do some work around the house but all of that changed when Margaret got her new grips. I received the call from Fort Worth Harley that her parts had arrived earlier in the week so we went to get them Friday evening. When we got to the dealership they also had the saddlebag guards I had ordered. I started whining a bit to Margaret that Saturday would be a labor intensive day without rest, slaving away installing parts. During this whining along with the support of Nick, Patrick, Daniel, and Phil, she grabbed a set of edge cut saddlebag hinges off the shelf behind us for my bike and said that would be my payment for doing all the work. Awesome, whining pays off!

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  1. With all the work you do on our bikes you deserve a few vanity parts for yours ;)

  2. It looks like the bikes are coming together nicely!

    Margaret has the right attitude about riding, get out there and do it. It is fantastic that she isn't one to let fear stop her. I am sure your encouragement helps.

    1. LOL, I used to have to give her that little pat on the back and say "you can do it" and watch her hesitantly ease in to what ever it was she was doing. Now though shes jumping right in the midst of activities dragging me along! At the picnic I told her she didn't have to do the slow race to which she replied "Forget that! I'm doing it! If you want to sit on the sideline and watch me go ahead!" Shes unstoppable and it's awesome.

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  4. hi scott, do you happen to have a copy of the wiring diagram for the left and right control switches to help me complete my project. i am installing the PY monkey bars 10" and can't find the diagram i created. i have the bars wired thru and ned to find he correct way to plug into the connector all those wires. thanks in advance jose, Madison, WI