Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cranfills Gap 2013 & Meridian State Park

Following the previous weekend of hard riding I was able to talk Margaret into doing some riding related activities instead of riding the entire state of Texas again.  Saturday we both gave our bikes a good scrubbing.  They were still covered with an enormous amount of grasshopper goo.  This was her first washing of her Softail and a great experience too.  It was interesting to hear her whine and grumble about how nasty the bug parts were and that they wouldn't come off easily.  She wanted me to wash her bike but in my objective opinion, she hit the bugs on her bike so she needs to clean them off.  I had my own mess of splatters to scrub.  We also waxed the paint and polished the chrome on both bikes.  This was the first detailing for her bike so we took our time and did the process thoroughly.  This took all morning and we enjoyed doing it together.

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