Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cutting a Motorcycle Windshield

As Margaret has gotten more comfortable on her bike she has had an ever growing issue with the windshield.  She's getting a lot of reflections and glare on the inside that is affecting her ability to see the road due to its height. Everyone has their preferences on how tall, short, fat, etc. a windshield should be. Most articles, riders, and accessory places will recommend that your eye site should be just above the top of the wind shield.  I tend to agree with this.  Try having a windshield that you have to look through and ride in the rain.  No wipers means you can’t see through it and you’ll end up having to crane your neck to the side of the windshield to see the road.

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  1. Great photos. Who takes them? What type of camera is used? I really was impressed with the water images on your filter post. I never seem to catch action or movement well.

  2. Margaret and I both take the pictures. Who takes them kind of depends on whats going on at the time, like those water shots, I had both hands full so she was snapping away on that one. If its a stationary object like a tube of lube I might end up taking it. Unless my hands are all greasy. We have a couple cameras but all of the pictures on the blog have been taken with a Canon Rebel EOS XT. Its an older digital camera which is not even made anymore. I think its about 6 years old and it only captures 6MP. We manually set a wide aperature to catch the water in still motion. You can close the aperature more though and get streaked water shots which will show it more in motion.