Sunday, June 16, 2013

Margarets Softail Deluxe

For months I have had to endure the whining from Margaret saying "Wheres my Harley?!"  I learned to tune the question out or pretend not to hear her say it.  As she has gotten more comfortable riding the kawasaki I knew the question would have to be addressed eventually.

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  1. How exciting for both of you. From what I have read on your blog I am going to bet you are as excited as she is. I am looking forward to hearing about your rides together.

  2. I guess you found out that you have to stay out of a woman's way when she makes up her mind, lol.

    She did a good job picking out a bike. It is a true woman's bike; strong and sexy. She does seem to be making the transition to the new bike quickly. Once she takes her class she'll be on road with everyone in no time. Congratulations to you both.

  3. Thanks all! We appreciate the encouragement and kind words.