Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fort Worth HOG May 2013 Chapter Meeting

Time again for our chapter meeting to roll around the calendar.  It was a beautiful day from the start, perfect for a short ride from the dealership to Billy Bobs Honky Tonk.  63 bikes rode the parade line this month through the stockyards.  The usual raffles and 50/50 took place along with snippets of future line ups for chapter events.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

More Practice!

We went out to the practice parking lot again so Margaret could get a bit more riding time in. It's been a month since we were able to make time for her to practice due to weather and work.  I will be fair on this point, some of the days we could have gone out for her to practice we went to a chapter event instead.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fort Worth HOG Careity Foundation Relay 2013

Saturday and Sunday April 27 thru 28 brought about a very long day full of loads of fun, live music, eating, and riding!  Fort Worth HOG and other sponsors, Rumbling Rider included, took part in a charity drive for breast cancer through Careity Foundation.  This was a 24 hour relay ride which started at 9am Saturday morning until 9am Sunday morning.  From start to finish for 24 hours there was a group of bikes on the road at all times.  As a group was arriving back at the dealership, the next one would take off, this went on around the clock.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fort Worth HOG- May Skills Day

Skills day is kicking off in full force again for the year.  The road captains setup cones for various bike handling practice and group riding tips.  The purpose for skills day is for riders to become familiar with what their bike is capable of doing, what their riding limitations may be, and improving upon their riding skills.  Our road captains work with everyone individually and as a group to help us improve and become safer riders.  They look for bad habits and work with us to overcome those habits.  They teach group riding techniques to make our chapter rides safe for all.  Most of our road captains are also on the competition team and the advice they have to offer is invaluable.  You will find yourself using techniques learned on the course in your everyday riding.  It's much safer to drop your bike in the parking lot or run over a few cones than to drop your bike on the road to discover you need to improve on a riding technique.

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