Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holiday Downtime

As the title states, for me at least this is my yearly downtime.  With Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, and chilly weather, I just dont get much riding in.  I dont like the cold and wont ride when its under about 45 degrees. 9 months out of the year I ride 110 miles a day just for my commute to work and back. Then add in any Chapter events on evenings and weekends and I can quite easily put in 1000 miles a week.  Since this is my first Harley it will be interesting to see how well the bike holds up mechanically to putting that kind of mileage on it. Everyone in my Chapter tells me the 103 is a great engine and should easily run 100k miles without any major issues if any. Barring routine maintenance of course.  I havent performed any engine mods outside of the V & H monster rounds.  I prefer to ride it stock and avoid some of the issues Ive seen that other members have from doing performance upgrades.  I need long term reliability, not a mean modded machine.

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