Monday, January 21, 2013

Freeze Yer Buns Ride 2013

Sunday marked the January 2013 Freeze Yer Buns Ride for the Fort Worth HOG Chapter!  As most Texans will tell you, "You never know what the weather will do in Texas"!  And that is not a mis-statement!  When we should be bundled up with frozen fingers and icy breath, Texas threw its sudden surprise giving us a beautiful riding day in the high 60's.  The ride was planned with freezing or near freezing tempuratures in mind and was kept short for that reason.  Wind chills can tear you down pretty quickly so the ride was only a couple hours today.  Winter landscapes without greenery (or snow) was the focus of the local ride.  We had about 40 bikes on this one and I would presume that was due to the great weather.  No complaints from anyone though.

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